Sandstone Restoration

Sandstone Restoration

The usual problem with natural stone surfaces such as sandstone is that it loses its appeal and becomes damaged. The causes can be attributed to human traffic, spills, and outdoor elements. If you find yourself in such a situation, worry not, because Sandstone Restoration and Repairs Glasgow offers premium quality sandstone restoration materials services you can count on.

These are the other causes of damaged sandstone surfaces:

  • When the joint material deteriorates
  • When there is inadequate maintenance
  • When there are faulty repairs
  • When improper coatings are applied
  • When the location of building exposes the sandstone to damages
  • When there are sudden climate and weather changes

The Best Sandstone Cleaning and Repairs

If your old sandstone surfaces turned dull and their colour has changed a lot or if you recently installed your sandstone and the previous sealer is wearing off, then Sandstone Restoration and Repairs Glasgow is the best place to run to. We can have your tiles effectively restored and protected against future staining and any further damage.

The Proper Sandstone Care and Maintenance

Sandstone is quite difficult to maintain, especially when there hasn’t been any proper maintenance from the time it was installed. Since sandstone is not polished, it can be easily scratched. The best way to protect the surface of the sandstone is by introducing a proper barrier matting and by sealing it. Below are some important things to do on your sandstone surfaces:

  • You must remove liquid spills immediately.
  • You must place a doormat on the surface.
  • In cleaning the sandstone, use a microfibre mop and have it cleaned regularly.

Our company understands how dirty sandstone tiles can be, and that they can spoil the appearance of your residential home or business premise. But, with our cleaning methods and restoration services, we can remove dirt and other contaminants, and bring it back to its former glory.

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