Lime Pointing

Limestone Pointing

Here at Sandstone Restoration and Repairs Glasgow, our experts usually use lime mortars for our lime pointing services. A lime mortar is more porous than cement ones, which enables the evaporation of moisture from joints to be freer. Keep in mind that lime-based mortar is always great for the restoration of worn-out buildings, and this is especially true for those whose bricks or stones have cracks and splits.

Our company uses lime putty or natural hydraulic lime for the re-pointing. With a lime mortar, it can remove the moisture accumulating in the wall and eliminate the build-up of soluble salts in the stone, thus lessening the potential damage to the building.

While lime pointing is a messy work, our experts know the job well. They would usually begin by sectioning off the area with plastic to prevent the other places from becoming dirty. In addition to that, they can also point the mortar into the joints.

The following are reasons why repointing the wall surface is essential:

  • When there is a need for a replacement of an existing mortar
  • When the current mortar joints have become worn out and the mortar needs to be replaced.

Quality Lime Pointing Services

There are people who are not aware when a mortar is damaged, and they might not realise that the mortar has reached a point where it needs to be replaced. A lot of old lime mortars in historic establishments will break or crumble much more easily than cement. Such a condition creates the thought that it needs replacing. This is true for softer mortars for they are more likely to absorb more moisture vapour. Thus, it is always important to protect your historic stone or brick work.

Choosing Sandstone Restoration and Repairs Glasgow will guarantee you these and more:

  • We will make sure that you are afforded with high-end equipment in order for us to repair, clean your stone, fill splits, polish the dull surfaces, remove stains, and fill stones in the indoor and outdoor areas.
  • If your concrete floor in your residential and commercial establishment in Glasgow and in nearby places looks boring and unwelcoming, then don’t worry.
  • Our experienced mason experts can turn your dirty concrete into a polished and elegant masterpiece. On top of that, we provide staining and sealing services to give your sandstone or mortar its original look.

If our amazing lime pointing services have piqued your interest, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our mason experts are always ready to answer your questions and cater to your needs.

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